IIT Delhi Helpdesk for qualified female candidates, JEE (Advanced) 2019

Congratulations to all successful female candidates in JEE (Advanced) 2019!

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This page provides information and resources to help qualified female candidates make their choices during the JEE/JoSAA 2019 counselling process for admission to the IITs, in particular IIT Delhi. If you are looking for similar information from another IIT, please see https://students.iitmandi.ac.in/other_IITs.php.

For all queries, or to talk to any of our student/faculty volunteers (see below), please write to us at iitdgirlcounselling@gmail.com (please mention if you would like to talk to a specific person). We will do our best to respond promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Supernumerary seats for female candidates

This year, about 17% of seats in every branch at every IIT have been designated as 'female-only' seats (this has been done by creating sufficient supernumerary seats, without any reduction in the number of seats available to non-female candidates). The total number of female-only seats across all IITs is 2,415; whereas the total number of women who have qualified in JEE (Advanced) 2019 is 5,356. So if you are a qualified female candidate, this year you have quite a good chance of getting an IIT seat, and a better chance than previous years of getting a branch and IIT of your choice! Hence all female candidates are advised to not go just by previous years' closing ranks, but instead fill in as many of their genuine preferences as they can, in order to maximise their chances of getting a high-preference branch and/or campus.
[Further details on how the supernumerary seats will operate]

Branches at IIT Delhi

Please see some brief, informal descriptions of what life is like in different branches at IIT Delhi, written up by our undergraduate students. For more information on the different branches offered at IIT Delhi, please feel free to write to us.

Our team

IIT Delhi Administration: Director, Deputy Directors, Deans etc.

Prof. Sumeet Agarwal
Nodal Officer, JEE (Women) Helpdesk, IIT Delhi

Prof. Ravinder Kaur
Coordinator, Initiative for Gender Equity and Sensitisation (IGES), IIT Delhi

Prof. Angelie Multani
Associate Dean, Student Welfare and President, Board for Student Welfare (BSW), IIT Delhi

Prof. Sangeeta Kohli
Core Member, IGES, IIT Delhi

Prof. Shalini Gupta
Core Member, IGES, IIT Delhi

Prof. G. Bhuvaneswari
Core Member, IGES, IIT Delhi

Prof. Narayanan Kurur
Core Member, IGES, IIT Delhi

Mridu Kamal
Programme Officer, IGES, IIT Delhi

Anupriya Ghosh
Programme Officer, IGES, IIT Delhi

Student volunteers

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Engineering Physics
Textile Engineering

Disclaimer: Please note that getting admission to an IIT would depend on your rank, choice filling and seat allocation. Making enquiries does not guarantee admission. Please note that the final decision of choices is yours.