About Us

Initiative for Gender Equity and Sensitisation (IGES) is the gender initiative and support cell of IIT Delhi, which was officially announced in March 2018 on the occasion of the International Women’s Day.


From September 2022, IGES is a vertical under the new Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI), headed by a Dean. The ODI is a first-of-its-kind initiative among all the IITs and STEM institutions in the country. It has three other verticals - the Office of Accessible Education, the Initiative for Caste Equity, and Indradhanu, the LGBTIQA+ collective of IIT Delhi.

It is rooted in the idea that GENDER is experienced by individuals beyond the binaries of men and women which interweaves with their socio-economic, cultural, political locations and marginalisations to produce diverse lived realities. Hence, the EQUITY approach helps in understanding people with their context to work towards achieving equality and gender justice.  

It envisions to create a safe, inclusive, violence and discrimination-free culture for everyone who is part of the institute. It also aims to hold meaningful discussions and provide support on gender, sexuality and related issues irrespective of anyone’s sex, gender identity, caste, class,  religion, ethnicity, language, age, position, work, race, dis/ability and sexual orientation.

IGES builds on the foundational work done by the Gender Awareness Committee (GAC) since 2014. It was initiated by few progressive faculty members (list of GAC members 2014) to organise sensitisation workshops in the institute. Today IGES is a bigger team with representation from students, staff and faculty members. It looks forward to your contribution in furthering its mission.


IGES Mandate

  • Creating an equal, inclusive and gender-just educational environment
  • Advocating a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment
  • Encouraging Gender Dialogues in the field of STEM