Strengthen Gender integration @IIT Delhi

IGES strives to make ‘gender’ integral to various aspects of life in IIT Delhi - campus life, academic spaces, interactions in and beyond classrooms, Institute’s infrastructure, policies and operations, basic facilities and service units. Its primary objective is to weave in the understanding of gender and multiple marginalisations like caste, class, sexual orientation, disability, region etc. with the overarching aim to excel in technological creation, innovation, development and research.

IGES, as the Gender Unit for IIT Delhi, is working in close partnership with the Institute's departments and administration to ensure a prompt and sensitive approach to gender issues at the campus. It has engaged with the Institute's administration to ensure

  • Regular Gender Sensitisation efforts through workshops, and short interactive sessions.
  • Conduct awareness training on Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace with all IIT Delhi members.
  • Strengthen efforts of Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) in bringing awareness around the issues of gender and sexual harassment at the workplace. Read more on the ICC and IIT Delhi policy on Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace
  • Develop relevant operating guidelines for the members of the Institute.
  • Create Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials to spread awareness around gender sensitisation on the campus.

Some of our achievements have been:

  • IGES has drafted three separate guidelines on Gender sensitisation and Sexual Harassment at the Workplace -  Guidelines for Faculty members, Code of Conduct for Students members and Code of Conduct for Staff members. With the IIT Delhi management authorisation all the code of conduct will be made available to all members during renewal of contracts.
  • IGES has developed two separate E-modules on Gender Sensitisation and Sexual Harassment at the Workplace for student and faculty members. Interested to view our materials see (Link to Our Resources page) or write to us at
  • IGES conducts regular workshops. If you haven't attended any or if you want to organise one for your team or department write to us at