Support on Gender Issues in Campus

The Institute recognises the need for a gender-sensitive unit, which will be easily accessible to any person (student, staff or faculty), without any fear or threat. IGES works towards providing support and creating an enabling, safe and non-judgmental environment for sharing thoughts, concerns, anxieties, problems, issues, incidents, dilemmas related to gender and sexuality. It either supports directly or through referrals, maintaining confidentiality.

IGES is being approached by members of the Institute (of diverse gender identities and sexual orientation) to assist them.

  • How we help?
  • What are the issues you can come to us with?
  • Are we safe to be contacted? Will anyone know?

IGES is working in partnership with different departments and units at IIT Delhi to combat gender abuse and violence on campus!

IIT Delhi has many dedicated and specialised grievance redress units. You can contact any of them or write to IGES at if you need support.

  • Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) - for incidents of Sexual Harassment of Women at IIT Delhi, contact the ICC Chairperson at or visit for more details.
  • Board of Student Affairs (previously known as Board of Student Welfare or BSW) have been a support unit of IGES supporting all calender events. BSW oe BSA also recommends student representatives every year into the IGES Core Executive Group, who influence and implement all decisions regarding IIT Delhi's students engagement. 
  • Student Counselling Services provides student with all required support in regards to their role and responsibilities as students at IIT Delhi. SCS work clsoely with IGES and support each other to ensure students receive prompt and sensitive reponse to all concerns.
  • Security Unit IIT Delhi  - (For 24*7 this unit offers immediate response and support - Call Helpline - 011-2659-1000. You can also visit the Security Control Room, Main Building, IIT Delhi or write to the Officer in charge at
  • Representatives from IIT Delhi Administration like Faculty members, Deans or Associate Deans, Head of Departments/ Centers of Execellence/ Schools, and the Director.